Example Bug
Example Bug:

Bug Description:
I found this bug while in my town. I was trying to add a new member to our nation, but I couldn't add them. It kept on giving me this "internal error" message when I attempted to add the new member.

Bug Priority:

Time of Bug: 
This bug happened earlier this morning around 10am CST time.

Place of Bug:
The bug occurred while I was sitting in town.

What You Were Doing:
I was using the /nation invite <player> commands. After using the command I got the "internal error" message.

What You Were Attempting to Do:
I was attempting to add the new player to my town. I was unable to do so however.

Who was Involved: 
I was, of course, involved, but so was the new player name "XxFactionsOPxX". He was on the tutorial island when the bug occoured. Him and I where messaging by pm.

Extra Info:
I think the bug might be caused by the fact he was still on the tutorial island. I think I remember an admin saying that players have to complete the tutorial before joining a town but I doubt its meant to say "internal error" when a player attempts it though.