Thread Contributor: trevtekAthreian Introduction to Tin Poly Estia
Rejoice, people of Athera! Coming soon to a river near you is the Games and Entertainment Guild of Athera. Sponsored by the nation of Ithaca, and founded by my self and Zackarypapas we hope to bring a new experience for the people of the land. 

     The guild is looking to create a space where citizens from are able to come social, gamble, party and generally have a fun time with other travelers! Travelers may join the guild, or visit as guests as much as they would like. If all of rules and proper etiquette are followed, we can keep all of our patrons and guild members safe. 

     The guild plans to have exciting and awesome events that should have spectators on the edge of their seats, and their wallets as they bet on duel's, horse races and more as they cheer on their favorite champion. With other attractions like games and chance, full functioning tavern, and beautiful porches to relax and make some new friends. 

     Tin Poly Estia strives to be a neutral and fun environment for all of those who wish to partake, so any aggressiveness or violence towards the guild or the patrons will not be tolerated to any extent. A full list of rules for those to follow on the premise will be posted closer to it's grand opening.

     For now, future job openings are available and plentiful for those looking to help the guild to the fullest. Those looking to simply become early guild members and be updated with the progress of the guild my also contact me or other high command in game. 

    For hiring's, work will mostly be at your leisure. For events we will try to inquire before hand about staffing. But the job's currently being searched for are as follows:
  • Greeter/entrance keeper
  • Bartenders
  • Game Moderators
  • Game Designers
  • Any other useful ways you can think of to aid the guild!
   I hope the members of Athera are as excited as I am to finally bring a place to the world where travelers can relax, hang out and have some fun here in Athera. I can't wait to see you here!

Trevtek, Leader of Ithaca, Council member of Tin Poly Estia.
Wow this looks like something that will be super exciting! I Can't wait to see who joins!
what's your selection of hard liquor? any specialties or recommendations?
I wonder what this big red button does?
Dearest Nation of Ithaca,

I, Tee Alduin, Fourth Elder of Nauru, wish you the best in your struggles and hardships to create a peaceful place for all Atherans to participate in friendly competitions with one another.

For too long, I've noticed the people of Atlas on the brink of war, and despite the Elders' best efforts to stop an outbreak of the animosity, times have been rough, and relations have been strained, but I hope small efforts around the world, such as a Games Guilds as you're making, can help ease some of these tensions, and make the world a safer place for all of us.

Furthermore, I'd like to state how you might expect Naurulian patrons from time to time, and maybe even an Elder every once in awhile! If I've learned anything about the Naurulians in my time here, it's that, above all, we really enjoy a great mug of mead! Of course, great company, paired with some folk tunes, song, and dance, are quite the beacon to us party loving people as well.

Once again, I must wish you the best, and I expect great things out of such a fine establishment. I hope that whatever deities you choose to believe in will shine down upon this facility, and grant it good weather, with good winds for those who travel and wish to take up residence in this abode.

Tee Alduin Elder of Nauru

[!] This letter has a blue, wax seal with a large T stamped into it, the official seal of Tee Alduin
Response attached on the bottom of the post It is great to see a good response from Atherians and Naurulians alike, especially from such an esteemed elder. I have high hopes for a place where peaceful conversations can be had. A place where differences can be expressed without blades! If people who were once enemies can sit down over a pint and some friendly competition, some of those disputes will surely dissipate! 

Trevtek of Ithaca