Thread Contributor: XeronsisNew Holy spell ideas
Currently there is only one batch of Holy spells, so I have created some possible new spells for you to look at. I made these with the idea of a Holy spell caster being more of a support/healer rather than offensive caster. Some of the spells listed below can also provide benefits to those within a certain radius around the caster. Feedback and thoughts?

War Cry: Strengthens you and weakens opponents in radius.
 - AOE buff/debuff spell.
 - Buff yourself with Strength I for 15 seconds. (Increases melee damage by 2 1/2 hearts.)
 - Debuff any opponent within 5 block radius around the caster with Weakness I and Slowness I for 10 seconds. (Reduces movement speed by 15% and melee damage reduced by 2 hearts.)
 - 30 second cooldown.
Good for close combat fighting. Keeps the opponent on their toes and allows you to be more aggressive in combat for a short period of time.

Cocoon: Create a cocoon to rejuvenate in for a short time.
 - Encase yourself in a small wool chamber (1x1x2 size) for 3 seconds.
 - Wool can be broken to attack caster inside the cocoon.
 - Buff yourself with Absorption I & Regeneration IV for 3 seconds. (2 Absorption Hearts and healed for 4 hearts).
 - 60 second cooldown.
Emergency shelter and healing spell. Useful for quick a rejuvenation with cover before getting back into a intense fight.

Heal Aid: Projectile healing spell to cure a creatures wounds.
 - Cast projectile heals a creature within a 2 block radius of impact, healing for 3 hearts.
 - Removes negative effects from targeted creature.
 - Spell does not affect caster.
 - 20 second cooldown.
Useful for healing allies in battle while keeping your distance or even healing injured passive mobs.

Vile Breath: Spray forth a toxic mist which poisons opponents.
 - Spray effect spread out 5 blocks infront of caster.
 - Opponents in toxic cloud are affected with Nausea I and Poison II for 4 seconds. (Damages creature for 3 hearts of damage).
 - 15 second cooldown.
A quick blast of poison to help lower an opponents health during battle. Can be cured using Heal Aid in case of missfire.

Rejuvenation Pool: Heal all creatures in radius for a short time.
 - AOE heal spell.
 - Creatures within a 8 block radius of caster gain Regeneration IV and Resistance II for 4 seconds. (Heal 6.5 hearts and reduce 40% of all incoming damage).
 - 60 second cooldown.
Mass group healing spell. Useful for when your allies are losing in combat. This spell can be used to quickly top up their health and give added defence during healing before returning to the battle.

Hero Shout: Strengthens all creatures in radius.
 - AOE buff spell. 
 - All creatures are buffed with Speed I, Strength I, Resistance I and Absorption I for 30 seconds. (Reduces incoming damage by 20%, gives 2 Absorption hearts, increases movement speed by 20%, increases melee damage by 3 hearts).
 - 90 second cooldown.
Mass group buff. Good preparation spell. Useful for allies charging into a intense battle.
Definitely some really cool ideas here! Magic as a whole is something that we look forward to consistently expanding and adding to as the server grows, so we are always looking for great ideas like these. As we get better at designing our own spells, all 3 classes will start to see a lot more types of spells and wands added to them.

(I especially like that Cocoon idea, could see that being a very interesting aspect of larger battles)