Thread Contributor: AsymphirNation Zone Creation
Bug Description
So apparently with nation zone creation, when defining a zone name it asks for the group name before and then the zone name after, but then asks you to select the group name. When you type the group name in, that adds it to the name for some reason and names the zone like that. Example: /town zone create Trusted ZoneName, the name of the zone would become "Trusted ZoneName" after. Then from there, with the zone defining itself, when selecting a zone if the x, y, and z axis all don't have one increase or decrease in count in terms of location, it says the zone has no volume. This could get annoying for people just attempting to zone specific doors or small areas along a wall they don't want people touching, and might make it a bit difficult to define zones. 

Time of Bug
About 6:07 PM EST

Place of Bug
Any town, really.

The rest was basically listed in the description, this bug was found when I was helping a player (litch) with zones.
This looks like a mistake in the help message.

The help message should be 
/town zone create <ZoneName>

which would explain why the zone names has the group named prepended to it.

The volume calculation is indeed wrong, This will be fixed in the next update.