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***Specifics subject to change, but they probably won't.

Guard Towers

Guard Towers are structures that will spawn guards hostile to attacking forces. You can place them throughout your town to help you defend during a siege, but you can also place them outside your town for provide troop reinforcements in a wild skirmish, or to help you defend your warcamp when you’re sieging an enemy.

Guard Towers can be defeated. Every time a guard is killed, the GT loses some of its magicka, when the GT runs out of magicka, it is destroyed.


A Sentinel is a block that you can use to protect your chests and doors. When an attacker attempts to open a chest inside the sentinels 16 block range (cube), a powerful sentinel mob is spawned near the chest, and the attacker must kill the mob to gain access to the chests within the sentinels domain. Sentinels will be very difficult to defeat alone, so be careful when you’re planning your final push into an enemies vault, as they might have many sentinels protecting the area.


Warcamps are structures that can be used to initiate a siege or just as a spawn point. Warcamps behave exactly like guard towers when they are not involved in a siege.

Declaring a Siege

Right click the mob spawner inside the warcamp to select a town to siege. Once you select a town and begin the siege, the warcamp will apply the same protections that a town gets during a siege within a 24 block radius (cube) of the spawner.

  • TNT
    • Vanilla TNT behavior, destroys blocks.
  • Propellant TNT
    • TNT that does no block damage, to be used as fuel for cannons.
  • Powder Keg
    • A portable explosive that is primed upon placement and behaves like vanilla TNT.
Attackers will not be able to place TNT within the borders of a town they are sieging. They must used the more expensive powder keg to blast through walls without a cannon.

Town Reinforcements

Most blocks cannot be broken by hand during a siege, an explosion is required. Certain intuitively weak blocks will be able to be mined, such as dirt, sand, and glass. Obsidian will also have to be broken by hand.

Siege Conditions

A prelude of 10 minutes will allow defenders to prepare for the siege.

After the prelude, block protections for the town will be disabled.

For the attackers, a cooldown of 1 second will be applied to placing blocks.

Attackers will only be able to build as high to the highest block inside the defending town.

Attackers will only be able to take some of your stored items.

Attackers will be given mining fatigue 2 within the defending town.

Post Siege Conditions

The defending nation will be able to restore the sieged town for a fee.

Valuable blocks, such as diamond blocks, will not be restored.

Attackers will not be able to enter the defending towns territory for several hours after the siege.

The defending nation will also have a defender cooldown, during which they cannot be sieged.

Hard Block List

stone slab
cobble stair
cobble slab
wood planks
wood stair
wood slab
wood2 planks
wood2 stair
wood2 slab
sandstone stair
sandstone slab
brick stair
brick slab
mossy cobble
stonebrick stair
stonebrick slab
netherbrick stair
netherbrick slab
endstone brick
quartz stair
quartz slab
colored terracotta
glazed terracotta
hardened ice
redsandstone stair
redsandstone slab
purpur stair
purpur slab
purpur pillar
red netherbrick
crafting table
iron bars
cobble wall
iron trapdoor
iron door
wood fence
wood fencegate
wood2 fence
wood2 fencegate

Some of these blocks are listed by ID, not by damage value. E.g. We didn't list mossy stone bricks because its the same ID as stone bricks, but they are hard blocks. I listed unique stair and slab types for specificity, regardless of ID. If you have any discrepancies with the hard blocks list, please post them on this thread.