Core of The Elements
Bug Description:
Quest monster "Fire Elemental" from quest "CORE OF THE ELEMENTS" killed by creeper, did not drop expected item.
Bug Priority:

Time of Bug: 
Earlier this afternoon, sometime around 1:00 est I believe.

Place of Bug:
Cave north of arena in main spawn town.

What You Were Doing:
Walked into cave, monster spawned (floating red armour), at which time a creeper walked into the cave, detonating on me, killing the monster in addition.

What You Were Attempting to Do:
I was attempting to complete the quest by killing the monster and collecting the dropped item reward.

Who was Involved: 
Just myself, though I did ask for help in the chat but nobody seemed to have any ideas.

Extra Info:
I believe this to be a bug, but am not 100% sure. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
Seems like a circumstantial bug - PM me in-game and i'll get you the item/tags you need to complete this part