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Necromancy is often frowned apon for its un-ethical treatment of the dead. however it, like all magic, is a tool  to be used. it just depends on the person using it.

with that said i will begin to explain necromancy in its multitude of forms.

a common misconception of necromancy is that it is only good for raising the dead as slaves. this is untrue.
for example, communication with dead spirits is one of necromancys core magicks. aswell as a multitude of curses and other offensive spells.
in anycase necromancys bad reputation is not unearned, the pychological horror of friends and family being turned is very real, and often exploited

now what a necromancer usually does is raise the dead for a multitude of jobs, including war. talk with spirits for insight on certain events, and be consripted into a army.
they do one or more of these things for a very long time, up until they are almost on their death bed (necromancer survive for long periods because of thier knowlge of life and death) that is when somthing truly horrible may occur, most practicioners accept death peacefully, while other seek imortality. for those that succeed... a lich is born.
And what do we know on Lich's?
What if the dead do not want to be summoned?
(08-23-2017, 05:51 PM)Otvm Wrote: What if the dead do not want to be summoned?

then their souls are in eternal pain until their raised body is destroyed and their soul goes free

(08-05-2017, 02:54 PM)alexichou90 Wrote: And what do we know on Lich's?

liches are necromancers who have found a cure for death, although in the process they turn into a abomination.

liches use freezing spells to keep their body from decomposing, so fire isnt very effective unless its super hot. liches also gain the trait of meglomaniac, in the fact that the conversion makes them want to turn the world into a necropolis. aside from those they are just like necromancers, albeit more attuned to magic and alot phisicaly tougher
Liches must be incredibly blind. I have died a few times, and it was actually quite fun.
Wait, I should not have said that...
(08-25-2017, 05:23 PM)Otvm Wrote: "I have died a few times, and it was actually quite fun."

And people say I'm crazy.
I wonder what this big red button does?