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I have noticed that there is a problem with the new zones in the nations plugin. First, groups and zones are not well explained. Next, you are not shown the parameters of zones. Then, if you are supposed to be able to set a group, why does a group list show up? Also, I do not appreciate that when supposed to be click based, the way to work the part of the plugin is heavily command based, Furthermore, it is a nightmare when trying to edit or delete zones when walking into a zone, you aren't shown the name or group of the zone. To even get info about the zone, you need to type in the name of it, which doesn't help if you cannot remember every single name of every single zone.
I will put a post up soon.

Right click a block in a zone with a feather.

There are commands to do most most things I will mention them at some point.

Also /nation group gives a list of groups

/town zone will shows all zones