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"The land of the Golden Sun."
Founded on the 302nd Day of Evermoon, 415ACE

To those who wish to live in a nation of glory and honor, then come to the land of the golden sun. Aureus is currently one of the largest and most active nations in Atlas.  Sunward is the capital and is located in the southern plains of An'she. We are always recruiting new members of all different skills. The goal of Aureus is to strive for greatness and become a prosperous nation. Come make history with the Golden Empire today!
1. Obey all the laws.
2. Do not steal
3. Do not murder.
4. Do not break the custom trees around the area. Use the underground tree farm.
5. Obey all the rules.
6. Do not grief the landscape.
7.  Diamonds and gems are not allowed to be stored in public storage areas. They are to be stored individually.  Having your own diamonds is your responsibility. This can also apply to other resources, but diamonds are specifically mentioned because of raiders. If a raiding group manages to bust into a public storage area, we do not want them to be able to take out the town's entire stock of diamonds. Store diamonds, gems, and other precious metals in your house or bank vault.
8. Do not take military action without authorization.
9. Do not incite violence with foreign factions. This includes taunting in chat, trespassing, or stealing.
10. Do not touch official nation imported goods.
11. Close doors behind you and do not leave doors open. Keep doors locked
12. You must have discord in order to join.
13. Do not spam the discord chat.
14. Obey higher ups, especially during times of war.

* More Ranks will be added soon *

Promotions - Promotions are given by only the founder. The founder will only give a member a promotion 
if he feels a member has shown intense trust and loyalty to the nation.

Recruits - The lowest rank of the nation. All new members obtain this rank upon joining. Recruits usually do jobs such as farming or mining.
Citizens -  Citizens can work any job, own property,and apply for other ranks. Can only be obtained by a promotion.
Diplomats - Diplomats deal with foreign relations. They can negotiate anything from as simple as a trade deal or help draft a war declaration. Can be applied for.
Knights - Can lead military engagements. Police towns. Can only be obtained by a promotion.
Dukes - Can lead Guilds. Police Towns. Can be applied for only by Knights.
Lords - Lords can own their own town, vote on political issues, and lead military engagements. Can only be obtained by a promotion.
Founder - The founder is the owner of the entire nation. He/She maintains and oversees all operations of the nation.
There are currently four guilds in Aureus. Each Guild has it's own responsibilities and tasks to maintain and complete for the nation.

War Guild - Courega
The war guild operates the Aureunite military. There are various ranks in the Aureus War Guild and has it's own discord chat. It fights Aureus's wars, and defends Aureus from invaders. They test new metals for combat and assign armor sets for it's soldiers.

Magic Guild - In need of Leader
The magic guild is involved with the arts of magic and alchemy. They conduct research and study alchemy and magic. They also train new wizards and mages. This guild has it's own discord chat.

BlackSmith's Guild - Lead by Raxius and Adara_
The Aureus Blacksmith Guild deals with the art of smithing. It is the most notable guild of the nation due to Aureus's reputation of having the most advanced metals in all of Atlas. In the blacksmith guild, members conduct research on various metals/alloys and try to create new ones for use in tools and armor. The Guild has it's own discord, along with it's own rules to keep secret metal recipes safe from outsiders.

Builder's Guild - Lead by Slitthrout
The Aureus Builder's Guild deals with all construction related tasks. Builds plan, design, and construct all the buildings in Aureus. From roads to mansions, it is the Builder's responsibility to build it. The Builder's Guild has it's ranks. Salaries vary with each rank.

New Member Application - Here
Diplomat Application - To be added

After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by a Lord or the Founder. After a decision is made you will be messaged on discord. The message will reveal if you were accepted or declined.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me through discord
Discord: Raxius#2187