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(04-27-2018, 08:18 PM)DaddyDidder Wrote: Atlas provides players the chance to be one of three different magic specializations: Unholy, Holy, or Elemental. Each specialization is slightly different and offers players a bit more of an interesting PvP/PvE experience. However, I feel that this system does not work as well as it should and only gives players a one-shot move or a speed buff.

I feel the following plugin would improve Atlas majorly to the point where Minecraft would no longer feel like Minecraft.

This plugin offers a class-based magic system that diversifies players into a role that specializes in healing, damage dealing, tanking, or a mixture. Additionally, this plugin offers players the ability to join each others parties and gain EXP together in dungeons. Also, this system adds simple yet efficient additions to the server like mob health bars, a mana resource, and split-exp among party members.

Yes, I understand that this system would overhaul the entire combat system currently in place on Atlas, but I firmly believe that this plugin would benefit the general combat in 1v1's as well as sieges.

PS: If I get Keeper, I'll pay for half of the plugin.

I love the suggestion! I just have a few concerns with this plugin, because of how severe of a change it would be.

1. To begin, you say it'd make Minecraft not feel like Minecraft on Atlas, and while this is an enticing concept to a lot of us, it deviates from the goal- which is to reach as many players as possible, and still not take away from the Minecraft feel. We don't want players joining and thinking "I have no idea what's going on, I'm out of here". They already do so, and adding something that just complexifies a currently much more simple system. 

2. One thing I noticed when looking at the plugin is that it doesn't specify being compatible with our current dungeons plugin. That being said, we could still manage to make it work, but it'd be easier for us to create/suggest our own party-xp-sharing system for dungeons instead of trying to make another plugin work with all of ours smoothly.

3. Another thing, yes classes are amazing along with skills, but this would create a much more complex system with magic that made our melee and archery look dumb stupid and boring. We would have skills that essentially negate the purpose of a lot of our smeltery armours and making bows pointless, along with how interactive the plugin would be compared to normal Minecraft PvP with our Atlas changes. Along with that, yes it adds the whole depth and feeling of earning something through leveling, but on Atlas as far as we've developed it, our approach is to make a more informational/research-oriented progress meter instead of a level/experience one. We actually intend on adding some sort of tracking/leaderboards feature for that stuff as well.

4. If this is something you'd like to see on Atlas (which I am assuming it is seeing how you made this suggestion post lmao), I'm sure the Dev team can also look into it at our dev meeting along with considering maybe even possibly creating our own features similar to these things.

5. You're not getting keeper for spending money on a plugin :P Although you're welcome to try/donate.

6. Love the suggestion, keep it up! (I might have forgotten some things but if I did someone else will clear it up for me)

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