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I've read through a lot of the conversation and you seem like a genuinely nice guy and I'd love to see you play more. As such I'll give you my honest answer knowing the player's who killed you and also the nature of faction/towny/nation style servers.

Although I highly discourage players to attack new players, and spawn camping is against the rules we do not outright prevent new player's from being targeted and kill by more experienced players. Why? Because Minecraft is full of trolls and children who aren't capable of navigating a world where choices have consequence. This can best be seen when a new player makes an enemy of the scariest players. They have no reason to attack you unless you give them a reason.

Now, in your case, you didn't directly piss off anyone. You did, however, openly admit your alliance to a player who did so. For a player who claims to be interested in politics (going off what you said in chat) you should clearly see why allying yourself with a targeted player is a bad idea and bad politics. The toxicity you saw and claim to be unprovoked is because of your direct association with a troll (documented evidence of said trolling exists). I highly recommend breaking ties with said troll and you'll see your problems disappear. If you do not wish to take my advice, then you must realize that their are consequences. 

Now, although I do not and will not tolerate bullying and targeting in real life around the server, in game, its all fair play. So, consider your options and realize that this is a server where everything you do matters. You said you liked the complexity and depth of the server. Well, its in everything, even the players you choose to align yourself with.

If you would like to return or perhaps talk more on the subject message me on discord. Or instead, if you've made up your mind and won't stay another minute, I wish you the best in finding a server that suits your play style.

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