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Morvia Sovereignty Claim - Skipper_Wood - 03-13-2019

Morvia Sovereignty Claim

Article I
Section I: This document is the official claim of The Iron Foothills biome by the kingdom of Morvia.
Section II: This document can be modified at any time.
Section III: The only possible way to change or remove this document is by the power of the King and/or the council.
Section IV: Any form of violation to our claims will be seen as an attack/offense against the Kingdom of Morvia and its civilization. This could lead into a conflict with the aggressors and if his nation doesn’t make any excuses, a war will be the result.
Article II
Section I: This document underlines the fact that all lands and resources in The Iron Foothills will be owned by the kingdom of Morvia.
Section II: People that wish to travel through The Iron Foothills must ask permission via discord or in game chat. When permission is given by the council, that only means that they can travel trough it, and not do anything else. Abusing this permission for other interests will cause conflicts between the nation of Morvia and the nation of the aggressor.
Section III: Travellers with permission can’t go too near to a town of the kingdom of Morvia. This will be seen as a provocation towards the Empire.
Section IV: Travellers with permission can’t collect resources and build any type of structure inside The Iron Foothills.
 Section V: If the traveller/s violate/s section III or section IV, this will cause to a penance in terms of paying in gems or it can lead into a war.
Section VI: If there is already a nation in The Iron Foothills, the kingdom of Morvia will instantly declare a war against them.
King of Morvia
Grand Warden of Morvia