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Genesis of The Melrakki Nation - LordWight - 03-11-2019


The proud Nation of Melrakki was founded around 3 ACE. Although its people are of a dwarven decent, they're known for their influence during the Cirilian Era. The first to make contact with the Valderkal they started spreading rumor of the Valkderal's tales of Valderkal Hub City. With the discovery of the Valkderal, the Melrakki where inspired to focus all their attention on discovering new ways to forge ingots. Moving to Devshire the Melrakki scientists spent all their time in massive forges built for the sole purpose of discovering the most powerful materials imaginable. After rumors spread of an angelic ingot being found, the Devshire fell to hordes of monsters swarming the west. With nowhere but the North to flee, the Melrakki people found their home in the Highlands, which to this day is now where they reside.  

Although the bitter cold attracts Dire Wolves and Spiders, the Melrakki nation enjoys the security of its isolation. Now focusing most of their love for beer and mining, most of the Melrakki people spend their time in their massive breweries or in their dark caves, not focusing on the outside world, but more so talking about the tales of the times spent in faraway lands and adventures they once had. Rumor spreads that these tough hard-working Dwarves one day are destined to rise above the coal infested ground they live on, and make their way across the harsh Cliffs to claim back what was rightfully theirs. It's only a matter of time until they have enough strength to power their forges, and spread their love of the Tainted Mother across the land. 
The Melrakki people look very similar to Scandinavian Vikings, and have similar culture. Often short, they sport mighty beards, and are covered in tattoos honoring the Tainted Mother.  They also seem to be missing some toes  as well as ears because of frostbite, they're very distinguishable from other dwarven races. It's often guessed that their gray/yellow eyes evolved from their time spent in the dark and bitter coldmixed with their love of gold. 


RE: Origins of The Melakki Nation - Ajaxan - 03-14-2019

Given your close proximity to Drakonfell Prison are you going to make any tie ins to the prison?

RE: Origins of The Melakki Nation - LordWight - 03-18-2019

My apologies fellas, thought i was done with this Lore, but for the sake of my nation i have changed locations. The lore is still the same just changed the location. 
Thank you Wight