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Mastering Magical Arrays - Kypen - 12-22-2018

As always, suggestions welcomed, feedback appreciated. Join in the discussion! :)

As we all know, there are the three typical branches of magic on Atlas. However, I feel magic should also extend to other 'fields' if you will. Maybe crafting magical coal that is far more efficient. But that's not what I'm going to talk about here. In this post, I would like to talk about the possibility of introducing magic arrays.

The concept of magic arrays is to aid the caster and anyone within the array by giving them a significant power boost. (Think beacons but weaker.) Magic arrays can help players with a large range of tasks, whether it is in battle or not. Magic arrays are made to be costly in order to prevent it from being overpowered, however, it may just be enough to give you a slight edge over other players.

Magic arrays' effects are split based on their specialty.
Defense - Raises a physical or magical barrier protecting players from monsters or players.
Offense - Gives active buffs or debuffs (that may or may not be potion effects).
Passive - Everyday tasks, increase production or efficiency within the town.

Creating Arrays
Formation of arrays is a complicated task. Players need pillars in order to begin the process, and catalysts to determine the effect.
Players need to set up eight pillars total in the cardinal and primary intercardinal directions of the circle. String, redstone or air are used to outline the circle. The plane that it is on must remain flat.
The formation range uses the circle itself as though its a cross-section of the circle, creating a hemisphere range. There is a minimum size for the array to be 25 blocks and a maximum of 40 (effects and strength of array deteriorate as the range increases).

There are three base arrays for the three branches of effects, defense base array, offense base array, and passive base array and these are determined by the type of material used for the circle; string being defense, redstone being offense, and nothing being for passive.

Casting and Maintaining Arrays
Arrays are not permanent. They require the same catalysts (Maybe gems? Maybe hides or metals? Mob drops could also be a possibility.) that were used to create it in order to be active, making it costly to keep active. Formations can be enabled and disabled. There is a warmup stage before the array is activated, and a cooldown stage after it's deactivated.

Destroying Arrays
Since arrays are like the pins in a lock, they can be destroyed from the outside as well, whether it be a well-aimed spell or an assault team focusing on the pillars. Once a pillar is deactivated or destroyed, the array weakens greatly, either removing the effects of itself or giving no effects whatsoever. The pillars can be 'cracked' by either solving a puzzle or something similar, maybe decoding a message from a pop-up book?

Nullifying array - cancels all spells within the formation.
Nature array - boosts crop productivity.
Spike array - minefield that damages whoever passes through it.
Aether barrier array - blocks projectiles from entering and exiting the formation.
Pulsing array - effects all players within the circle the 'glowing' effect.

RE: Mastering Magical Arrays - Adara_ - 12-22-2018

sounds fun, though in all honesty this sounds a bit too op, arrays that boost crop and nullify magic would be a heavy meta
though in all honesty with some good balancing this could be fun