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Trespassing exploit - Kypen - 10-14-2018

Bug Description:
I was able to 'glitch' through a door. This is a bug that may affect Atlas and I'm not sure if anyone's reported this nor am I sure how it could be fixed. It is most likely a core vanilla bug.

Bug Priority:

Time of Bug: 
This bug happened earlier this morning around 9 am EST time.

Place of Bug:
The bug occurred while I was in alli's plot.

What You Were Doing:
I logged off and back on again.

What You Were Attempting to Do:
I was exploring but got interrupted, had to leave real quick and then come back online. Didn't bother going through the portal before disconnecting.

Who was Involved: 
I was the only one on at the time.

Extra Info:
I found this bug when I was using a nether portal and ended up in someone's house, I logged off and back on since I had to do something real quick, but when I logged back on, I was placed inside the door. I attempted to recreate it a few times to some success: when you log off, your player's position will shift about half a block, always in one of the cardinal directions. This means that while you can do this to certain doors one way, you cannot exit that same said door since you're on another axis. This bug affects all blocks that are not full blocks: fences, trapdoors, glass panes, doors, etc.