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The Nevarthian Empire - lord_aceton27 - 10-04-2018

The Nevarthian Empire is a neutral nation settled in Odera Forest ruled by King Aceton and Queen Kawaii. Nevarth is one of the newer nations of atlas and is aiming to be a safe haven for the new players to atlas. We are welcoming to all races and professions, since we are a newer nation were in need of miners, blacksmiths, brewers, fisherman, builders, merchants, guards, etc. If you decide to be apart of nevarth you will be able to leave the nation when you want. Nevarth can be a temporary or permanent home for you on atlas. when joining the nation you will choose a profession and a house. if interested in joining, want a tour, or want more information contact King_Aceton ingame or King_Aceton #0960 on discord.

Sincerely King Aceton of Nevarth