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Guard tower balancing - Diggerdoge99 - 08-17-2018

As it stands it's really easy to abuse guard towers so I propose one small fix. That guard towers should not be able to be destroyed on claimed land outside of sieges.
Right now you can farm towers on peoples claims just to be a pain. What reason is there for, say an enemy to come by a claim and destroy towers and snoop around? Not a good reason that I can see except, dropping by and being rude.

With the added tax at this point in time its more economically efficient to Not have guard towers than to have them, and for those who can afford them, they are constantly having to be replaced because jerks come by and destroy ones in claims.

I'm not saying guard towers should be immortal, I'm just saying they should be protected on claims outside of sieges(when a siege occurs these protections would fall and they if they were destroyed during the siege they would not be regenerated after the siege) 

I think personally this small change would make the system fairer for everyone