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Winterheim's Documentation of Hierarchy, 422 ACE - DaminCyrod - 07-09-2018

Winterheim Documentation of Hierarchy
216th day of Cryos, 422 ACE

This Document Explains the ranks of hierarchy of the Kingdom of Winterheim. This document is to explain the political rankings of those whom reside within the Ice Forest. This document also explains the unification and organization that is the Kingdom of Winterheim.

Travelers: These are people not of Winterheim. They come in a few variates and ranking. The first are traveling merchants or tourists. Whom are welcome and help boost our economy.
The Second are Emissaries. These people come from other nations to discuss things of importance with our king and/or people designated to take care of such business for the king.

Peasants: These people of Winterheim live outside the walls of any town or city. Their jobs range from any gathering professions. Like forestry, farming, fishing, mining, exc. There are a few exceptions.  Due to them leading such Professions.

Citizens: These people of Winterheim live within the walls of any Town or City. Their profession range from being craftsmen of any kind, merchants of any kind, builders, or guards. Like Peasants there are few exceptions. Due to them leading such professions

Magi: These people of Winterheim are of the same ranking as Citizens. But are under a different Jurisdiction. They are within the Mage Corp. These people have a variety of jobs like citizens. Their jobs are typically enchanters, alchemists, soldiers, researchers, and advisers to specific people. These wise men are also paper pushers of the Kingdom.

Nobles: Nobles are the wealthy of Winterheim. They have political standing within the royal Court of Winterheim. These people or knights, leaders of their industry, important military officers, and high ranking mages. Any nation leader annexed into Winterheim’s Sovereignty Claim over the Ice Forest, are also among these ranks until declared a Jarl by the King. Nobles can be selected to give judgement of certain things in the king's absence. But such tasks are assigned as duties ahead of time.

Jarls: They are the same as Nobles except that they rule over a town or city within the Kingdom of Winterheim.

High King: He is the Supreme authority of Winterheim. What he says is law.

Signed on the 216th Day of Cryos, 422 ACE
Rorick Ulriksen
High King of Winterheim