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Journey Through Atlas - Arrival in Nauru - Vol.1 - Merfrid - 05-04-2018

Arrival in Nauru – Entry No.1
It is around 7 in the morning, my boat from mainland Minecraftia has docked on the island of Nauru. As I got off the boat I took notice of the beautiful architecture of this new land I’ve stepped onto. The first thing I did was walk around the harbor and greet some Naurulians passing by. After some time I decided to try to get settled in and get accustomed to my new home.
Reason being why I have left Minecraft was to escape the persecution of the old peoples of the land. The Republic of Mojang’s edicts had been ruining the economies of numerous kingdoms and had caused them to fail. People such as myself had no home to go to a there were very few places left where we could go. Those few places also were on the verge of collapse. We needed a home but did not know where to head off to. Weeks later news had arrived that a distant land had been offering to accept Nomadic Minecraftians. This interested me along with many other Minecraftians looking for a place to call home.
A few days later I had board a transport ship that took us to an Island named Nauru. Regarding my situation in Nauru which was going quite well. The next morning I woke up and took a stroll in the town square and realized that I needed to work. I came across a Smith named Darnov who offered to teach me the art of Smeltery. This wasn’t any ordinary Minecraftian skill it was Naurulian craftsmanship. Greatly superior to the gear I used back in Minecraftia. It took me days to eventuate as an apprentice of Naurulian craftmanship. The money I earned while learning this wonderful skill allowed me to purchase a basic kit for survival in the wild.
During my stay in Nauru I was informed of the continent of Athera by a Naurulian Guard. Upon learning of this information I made haste to the harbor and paid my voyage to Telaria. Ironic how I had sailed to Nauru in search of a new home and somehow managed to find myself sailing once again. It took about 4 days to arrive in the bustling town of Telaria. Upon arrival, I hastily made my way onto the harbor and was amazed to see all the fishermen and merchants. I explored the town for about an hour or two and decided to take a small boat across the lake. The big tree that stood erect in the middle of the Purelake had me speechless. A few minutes later I docked at the coast of the Odera Forest as the Telarians called it.
I took a long hike through the mystical forest and noticed it had begun to get late. I made a small hit near a pond and remained there for some time.
End of Entry No.1

RE: Journey Through Atlas - Arrival in Nauru - Vol.1 - Long - 07-15-2018

I too know of the lands of the feared Minecraftia.