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Atlas Social Media - Asymphir - 04-15-2018

Atlas Social Media


Atlas now has/utilizes Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/YouTube! The advertisement team will be posting as often as possible to these social medias.


Twitter will be our platform for updating players on future updates, current problems with the server, current events with the server, announcing future events (such as a SotS), and etc. This will generally just have short tweets with a picture attached. Make sure to follow the page and retweet/like our posts to show your support!

The link to the twitter is:


Instagram will be our platform for regular daily posts, screenshots on stuff around the server, and cool things players are building/doing. Along with that, there will be short "snippets" or clips from a main video that will be posted to our Facebook Page/Youtube. Make sure to follow the account, and like all the posts to show your support!

The link to the Instagram is:


Facebook will be our platform for longer content such as trailers, teasers, and more video content that isn't long enough to fit on our YouTube channel. We will also compile small clips from server events, sieges, and etc to create teasers and trailers for bigger videos that will be posted on our YouTube. Aside from that, there will be general pictures and stuff posted too as they come. Make sure to like our posts, follow the page, and maybe even share our posts to show your support!

The link to the Facebook page is:


YouTube will be our "main attraction", as it will have full-length videos and content related to the server. Some basic official walkthroughs and general concept videos will be posted there too. Make sure to subscribe to the channel and like the videos to show your support there as well!

Player-Made Posts

Here is where it gets interesting. All players/nations will have an equal opportunity to create content related to each platform as they wish, and are to submit it to me on discord(Asymphir#9743). Essentially, this allows players to take screenshots of their builds, create cool videos that maximizes their creativity, and basically just show off your nation or yourself to the future players of Atlas! This helps build a name for yourself and your nation that will be recognized along with helps us post to our page and keep the audience engaged. The posts can range from any of the listed possibilities and more:

-Screenshots of your base from the outside
-Player-perspective video of a Siege or a raid
-Player-perspective of a server event (such as a PvP tournament)
-A funny movie-like video featuring your nation members and/or friends
-Recruitment videos or pictures
-And much more!


The rules for these are as follows:
1. All posts are to follow the basic rules of Atlas, which can be found on these very same forums.
2. All posts are not allowed to directly act as an advertisement for a nation, example: A post that directly says to join a nation along with giving a link to an application, etc. The most advertisement that is allowed for a recruitment video is a trailer of your town, along with the name of it, and saying to join Atlas to check it out. Players are highly encouraged to make their own recruitment threads and directly recruit there to bring players to our server.
3. The social media is not a war between two nations'/sides or their politics. You are to make content directly pertaining to the official server builds/lore/etc, your own nation, your own alliance, etc. You may not make content on other nations without their permission first. Permission from all people participating is required before the post will be made official.
4. Any memes/jokes that are put into a video or post must be family-friendly (yes I know memes generally aren't, but we have to appeal to all audiences).
5. Do not be upset if your post does not get featured, we want to go for quality over quantity, and you will get feedback/advice on your content, but just expect critique and professionalism. We want to look good to all possible new players.
6. These rules may be subject to change, so make sure to read them before you dive into creating content for the server.

If you have any suggestions/questions, please PM Asymphir#9743 on discord.