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Official Atlas Rules - Iyoforeayo - 02-01-2018

Official Atlas Rules

These rules will outline the expected behavior of all players on the Atlas server. Punishments for breaking these rules vary and are up to admin and moderator discretion. Please read them thoroughly and ask any questions you have. Also, keep in mind that rules are subject to change at any time depending on circumstances and future updates. We want Atlas to be fun for everyone, so make sure you know the rules!

1. General
  1. Listen to staff! If Admins or Staff ask you to do (or not do) something - follow it!
  2. Behavior that negatively affects the community (at the discretion of Admins and Staff) is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: picking on new players, excessive bickering, or general assholery.
2. Griefing
  1. Do not destroy or alter any player’s build unless allowed by the player or staff.
  2. Do not unnecessarily damage the landscape of the server outside of sieges.
  3. Do not create 1x1 towers without the intent to remove them shortly afterward.
  4. Do not intentionally destroy, incinerate, or throw another player’s items on the ground with the intent to despawn them.
3. Alternate Accounts
  1. Players are NOT allowed to have multiple accounts on the server.
4. Modifications
  1. No modified clients.
  2. No client-side mods except approved mods.
  3. No use of any form of x-ray. This includes both mods and texture packs.
  4. Optifine, TabbyChat, and Schematica are the only currently approved mods. Consult admins for additional mods you wish to have approved.
  5. Approved Mods:
       - Optifine   
       - TabbyChat
       - Schematica        
       - Sound Filters   
       - Ambient Sounds   

       - Dynamic Surroundings
5. Community Behavior
  1. Don’t send players any of your or others’ personal information with malicious intentions.
  2. Verbally abusing, bullying, or harassing* other players or staff will not be tolerated. *(See extended Harassment Policy below)
  3. Any form of discrimination (xenophobia, sexism, etc) will not be tolerated.
  4. Insults and harmful language must be used in good taste.
  5. Don’t use offensive skins, builds, and names.
  6. No home/spawn killing players.
  7. No pvp-logging.
  8. Do not grief, steal, or give out information from your nation while in said nation. This includes aiding others with the intent to grief, steal, or give out information.
6. Chat Etiquette.
  1. Do not advertise other servers, products or services that do not pertain to Atlas.
  2. Do not ask for free items or ranks from admins or moderators.
  3. No spamming.
  4. No overuse of capital letters within chat.
  5. Do not private message any player with the intent to annoy, harass, or unnerve.
7. Automation.
  1. No automated mob grinders or farms that collect or kill mobs. (Both Hostile and Passive mobs fall under this category.)
  2. Dark rooms (for mob killing) and automatic farms for crops are allowed, however.
  3. Autobrewing stations are allowed.
  4. Auto-fishers and AFK-fishing are NOT allowed.
  5. No duping machines of any kind.
  6. No unnecessarily large redstone contraptions that could lag the server can be built.
8. Exploitation
  1. Don’t exploit bugs found on the server.
  2. Report any found bugs or exploits.
  3. Don’t log jump.
  4. No block glitching.
  5. No flying machines, or use of pistons to avoid town protection.
9. Role Playing and Lore
  1. Role Playing and original player lore are welcomed on the server! However, do not inhibit another player’s RP experience by forcing outlandish or nonsensical claims upon them.
  2. When critiquing lore, all criticism must be constructive. If you have nothing helpful to say, don’t say anything at all.
  3. For lore to become canon it must be approved by a vote of the moderation team and also meet the following guidelines:
    1. Lore must happen within Atlas or be related to Atlas.
    2. All lore is written from a player’s perspective or about a player. No use of omnipotent beings to relay stories or information.
    3. No using outside information a character would not normally know to aid them.
    4. A player’s character cannot be too powerful. All characters that are considered too powerful will be universally rejected.

Official Harassment Policy
The following is considered harassment:
  1. If you insult someone personally (whether in DMs or in game/discord/forums), and they ask you to stop, but you don’t.
  2. Posting or linking to content that directly targets a player after the targeted player has requested it be taken down or not posted/linked.
  3. Continually spamming someone (DMs, game, chat, etc.) after they have asked you to stop contacting them.
  4. Continually spamming a public channel in a short amount of time (Global Chat in game, anywhere on the Forums or the Discord) after players have asked you to stop.
  5. Responding to a player’s request to stop targeting them (either publicly or privately) in an insulting, sarcastic, or otherwise inflammatory manner, regardless if the request is then met.
  6. Using any racist, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTQ, or otherwise clearly bigoted language in Global Chat in game, anywhere on the Forums, or in the Atlas Public Discord channel. If this language is used in DMs or private chats (whether in-game or on the Discord), it may be reported as harassment under the same guidelines/steps as any other harassment. (i.e. Player A uses a racist term in Nation Chat. Player B, a fellow Nation member, asks Player A to refrain from using that term in Nation Chat. If Player A continues to use the term, or responds to Player B’s request in an inflammatory manner, Player B may submit a screenshot of this interaction as clear evidence of harassment on the part of Player A.)
The following is not considered harassment:
  1. If someone insults you, and you insult them back - that’s trash-talking, and it’s allowed. If the trash-talking escalates to a point where one party no longer wants to be involved/targeted, they must request the other party stop targeting them without continuing to trash-talk further themselves.
  2. Reports of harassment not sent directly to staff (Wardens or higher) (i.e. secondhand reports of harassment via a nation leader or non-staff player that are passed on to staff on behalf of the player involved.)
  3. Reports that do not show evidence of the accuser notifying the player in question that their behavior is harassing, and requesting them to stop. (i.e. Player A says something to Player B that Player B takes offense to. Player B says nothing to Player A, but instead reports Player A to staff for harassment. While Player B may have a screenshot of what Player A said, it is clear that Player A was never made aware that their behavior was received negatively. Player A cannot be punished for ignoring a request they never received.)