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Posted by Guratz - 04-15-2018, 08:36 AM
So this idea is one that is meant to add necromancy to the unholy spell group and a counter to this in the holy spell group.

Raise Dead: Summon a friendly Zombie or Skeleton to fight along side you or to act as cannon fodder

Cooldown: 20 seconds

I've had several ideas on this topic. these being:

1. The higher your experience bar is, the more you can have at one time. 
(so if the requirement was 5 levels per 1 summoned thrall, you'd be able to maintain 6 at level 30)

2. Depending on which creature you want to summon, you'll need at item to summon them. 
(so if you wanted to have a zombie, you use rotten flesh to create one. for skeletons you use bone. these will be consumed on summoning)

3. Skeleton Horseriders can be summoned too, but they'll be more expensive than their dismounted counterparts. (either a. use a skull on summoning. b. could only summon 1 every 15 levels.)

To counter this, holy mages will get a Turn Undead spell. When cast on undead mobs it'll act as if they're burning in the day and they'll eventually die off.